“I can’t think of anyone better suited than Andrew to give an enjoyable and informative tour of the Ottawa area. As a long-time local resident and former CBC reporter, he has a detailed knowledge of this area that is sure to appeal to a variety of interests. He provided us with a fascinating historical view of the Parliament buildings, the Rideau Canal, and their surroundings. I would highly recommend his tour.” Ray Williams, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“It was indeed a walk to remember. The fusion between the old and new architecture is marvelous. The harmonious rhythm of styles and materials among the buildings was something I always will admire of Ottawa, especially approaching Parliament Hill. The first thing I remember was a deep feeling of respect and admiration, not only for the beauty of the buildings but for what they represent for all of us Canadians, and as a new Canadian citizen, I honestly have to say, I felt very honoured and proud. I was lucky enough to be there when they were changing the Guard. The colourful and solemnity of the ceremony moved me very much. The people around watching was something to remember too, the diversity of cultures, languages and ages emphasized for me what we are all about, a country for everyone without distinction of race, religion, cultural background, sex orientation or political views. For me that day represented more than a beautiful Sunday morning walk, it meant a lot to me.” Maksum Gonzalez, Montreal, Quebec